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Doxy Die Cast 3 Massager - Tiger

Doxy Die Cast 3 Massager - Tiger

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Whether looking for a deeply penetrating massage for painful muscles or added excitement for intimate moments, the smaller size Doxy Die Cast 3 Massager helps deliver the fabled Doxy power to just the right spot. 

How does the Die Cast 3 compare to Doxy's larger wands? The body of the Die Cast 3 is smaller and so a smaller motor is used. BUT because the aluminum body is much stronger than plastic, the Die Cast 3 is able to hold heavy weights inside, which produces that famous deep rumbly vibration Doxy is known for. 

The head has a smaller surface area compared to the Original and larger Die Cast, concentrating that power to pinpoint accuracy - ideal for couple play, getting into those hard to reach places! 

The simple three-button control panel is all that's needed to go from gentle beginnings of 3,000 RPM's to a world-moving 9,000 RPM's. Enjoy Doxy's popular escalating pulse mode by just pressing and holding the power button for three seconds. Just remember that with great power comes great satisfaction.


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